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  • Mothers & Daughters

    Kirsten has joined Kirschenbaum Productions for work on Gayle Kirschenbaum’s upcoming personal documentary feature, Look At Us Now, Mother!

    The film explores the complexities of mother-daughter relationships through the filmmaker’s own story of the sometimes tumultuous bond between her and her own mother.

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  • The John Hemmer Project

    JH-DLThe John Hemmer Project (working title)  is an online documentary experience in pre-production, which chronicles the artistic life of singer/entertainer, John Hemmer, including his community of fellow performers, many of who share a connection to Lou Walter’s Latin Quarter during its 1950′s and 1960′s heyday.

    The project captures a unique period in New York City’s entertainment history, as well as offers a glimpse into a lifetime spent in the performing arts and live entertainment. From the Four Voices to Man of La Mancha, and many show business adventures in-between, witness a full span of an artist’s life through this interactive story.

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